Out of Instrument Currency? Fly With a Left Base CFII!

Whether you want a good brush-up on your basic IFR skills or need an Instrument Proficiency Check, our experienced CFIIs at Left Base can tailor a fun, user-friendly program for you. Fly our comfortable, classic Piper Cherokee 235 from Palmyra, Wisconsin Airport (88C) and get back to the basics! Tune and identify localizers, VORs and Victor airways while reviewing holding patterns, Back Course and Localizer approaches. And without an autopilot or IFR GPS, you’ll get a comprehensive refresher course on essential skills including instrument scan, hand-flown approaches and partial panel flying.

Left Base CFIIs are professional pilots with thousands of hours of experience in the real-world IFR environment — you’ll have a personal resource for learning more about weather, regulations and airspace during your training. More importantly, we are enthusiastic aviation educators who believe that the better your stick-and-rudder skills, the better and safer you are as a pilot.

Get started by determining your IFR currency status. To act as PIC under IFR flight rules or in less-than-VFR conditions, you must have logged 6 instrument approaches, with navigation tracking and intercepting, with holding procedures, all within the past 6 calendar months. If you do not meet those requirements, you have a 6-month window to complete the tasks before an IPC is required. If you’re in the 6-month grace period, you can get current by (a) flying under the hood in VFR conditions with an instructor or appropriately rated safety pilot, (b) fly with an instrument current CFI/CFII in actual or simulated instrument conditions, or (c) complete an IPC which will reset your currency for a 6 month period.

An IPC contains tasks required in the Airman Certification Standards for the FAA Instrument Rating. These include: Non-precision Approach, Precision Approach, Missed Approach, Circling Approach, Partial Panel Approach, Recovery from Unusual Attitudes, Navigation Intercepting and Tracking, and Holding Patterns. 

For additional questions and to schedule your personalized training session, contact Left Base today and be the best pilot you can be!

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