Lou Radecki

Tailwheel Flight Instructor

Lou Radecki’s passion is teaching tailwheel techniques using vintage airplanes at small airports. He is an ATP and lifelong aviator with more than 19,000 flight hours in 40-plus aircraft models. He began his aviation career fueling and washing airplanes at a bustling Wisconsin flight school while working on his Private Pilot certificate. Lou’s tailwheel flying career began soon afterwards while he was a commercial pilot candidate flying a Cessna 140 (because it was cheap). He moved rapidly through his ratings and began conducting ground school classes and flight training as a CFI. He then moved into charter and freight operations, flying around the country in everything from Piper Aztecs to tailwheel Twin Beech airplanes. He currently pilots corporate jets for a well-known company.

Elaine Kauh

Tailwheel Flight Instructor

Elaine Kauh is a professional pilot, Master CFI, ATP and aviation author. Her passion for flying was born on a grass strip in Ohio with a ride in a Stinson 108. Aerobatic flying in taildraggers quickly became her favorite activity as she obtained her certificates and ratings. Elaine’s instructing specialties include tailwheel flying and transition training in glass-panel cockpits. She is also an FAA Safety Team Lead Representative working with flight educators across Wisconsin to help make pilots safer and more proficient. You may contact Elaine directly via email at trueflying@icloud.com

Steve-Gorski. Tailwheel Flight Instructor

Steve Gorski

Tailwheel Flight Instructor

Steve Gorski grew up in Alaska, the home of tailwheel bush planes. While Steve currently makes his living as an airline pilot, he spends his days off bringing other pilots into the wonderful world of tailwheel flying.

He is an ATP with loads of time flying jets into the world’s busiest airports. Steve says that “while jets are challenging, there is nothing like a day flying tailwheel airplanes off a grass runway”.

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