Left Base is dedicated to helping pilots be the best they can be with our specialized tailwheel training courses designed for aviators of all levels.

We offer Tailwheel Endorsements, Spin Training, Upset Recovery Training and Introductory Aerobatics. Fly an American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB based at a beautiful, roomy grass runway in Southeast Wisconsin. Come for a two-day visit and earn the coveted Tailwheel Logbook Endorsement while learning valuable new skills from our experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Fly or drive in to the conveniently located Palmyra Municipal Airport (88C) and we’ll introduce you to the fun and freedom of tailwheel flying – and have an experience¬†you’ll never forget. Contact us for details about our courses and get ready to take your flying to a whole new level.

Low Prices for Tailwheel Training