Emergency Procedures Course

Fly the airplane! Learn the best procedures for landing during in-flight emergencies – $395

Know how to safely manage in-flight emergencies with essential maneuvers for engine failures, flight control malfunctions, and more. TheEmergency Procedures Course will show you how to quickly identify the best methods for getting on the ground for various types of emergencies while doing what we all learned to do: Fly The Airplane.

There are so many causes of aircraft mechanical failures that it’s hard to train for every possible scenario. Most Private and even Commercial pilot training programs cover a few emergency procedures, but when was the last time you practiced them? Have you ever trained for emergencies such as landing with a jammed elevator? Landing under such conditions isn’t tough to learn; you just need to know a few basic procedures and practice them until you’re confident.

The Emergency Procedures Course may be taken in either the Super Decathlon or the Piper PA-28-235.

Practice – that’s usually what’s missing when it comes to emergency procedures. Since they are (thankfully) rare, we don’t get much time in the air actually rehearsing the things we must do to address an emergency. Even the common engine-failure exercise gets neglected to the point where many pilots aren’t as proficient as they should be – just in case. That’s why we’re offering a special course just for those few worst-case emergencies. In just one flight session, you’ll experience several scenarios under the supervision of your instructor and learn how to apply them to the aircraft you fly. Each operation will include approaches to a landing site so you can get the most out of each one. You’ll come away a better, safer pilot.