Friends and Links

SpruceLogoWhen you need a part, radio, or aircraft accessory of any kind, go to Aircraft Spruce. They ship fast and the customer service is terrific.

Help bring youth into the world of aviation by joining and supporting 88 Charlies. A non-profit organization dedicated to teaching by doing. “We don’t build airplanes with kids. We build kids with airplanes.” 88 Charlies is seeking most anything you have to offer. Like 88Charlies on Facebook.

The Commemorative Air Force РWisconsin Wing, a branch of the National CAF organization, is a civilian group that shares a passion for military aviation history and is dedicated to the preservation and flying of vintage military aircraft.

Enjoy a Biplane tour with Biplane Rides of America. With room for the whole family, there is nothing like the sound of a big radial engine and nothing but fresh air between the cockpit and Wisconsin’s beautiful landscape.

The Aeronca Aviators Club supports and preserves all Aeronca models.

Aeronca documents are preserved for owners by the Aeronca Museum.

Cubcrafter Carbon Cub