Piper PA28-235 High performance

Get Your High-Performance Endorsement With Left Base

Left Base now offers a Piper PA-28-235 for High-Performance Endorsements! Fly from our year-round grass runway at 88C (Palmyra, Wisconsin) and earn your Endorsement in one easy day. As with all of our courses, we offer flat rate prices following our excellent, skill-building training program.

When is a High-Performance Endorsement required? If you want to fly aircraft with engines of more than 200HP — such as a Cessna 182, 206, or Cherokee Six. The regulations under 14 CFR §61.31(f) says that a pilot must receive ground and flight training with a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor stating that the pilot is proficient to operate a high-performance airplane  Strange as it might seem, many light twins with two engines each under 200 horsepower do not require the endorsement. So, while a Beechcraft Duchess, with 180HP engines totaling 320HP, requires a complex aircraft endorsement, it does not require the high performance endorsement. And, similar to the Tailwheel Endorsement, if you’ve logged PIC time in a high-performance aircraft before August 4, 1997, you’re not required to obtain the endorsement.

Our course covers ground and flight training for the Piper 235 systems, performance, weight and balance, and flight characteristics of this make and model. You’ll find that the Piper is easy to handle, flies stably, and is fun to fly! It offers fantastic useful load, speed, range and great climb rates, but requires training and practice to safely manage its large weight and flight envelopes. In addition, we’ll provide essential best practices for emergency procedures such as an engine-out glide. The enhanced judgment, planning and flight skills you learn will serve you well in any high-performance aircraft you fly.

Come out and see us at Left Base and choose from any of our fun and easy courses.

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