TrickAir Skis for sale

Learn to Fly Skiplanes

Now is the time to fly Ski Planes in Wisconsin.

Deep into Winter 2016, the water is hard and the snow is deep enough to offer great skiplane instruction conditions.

Left Base offers a $495 Introduction to SkiPlane Flying Course where pilots learn to experience flying in a way that is totally different from the hum-drum every day kind of piloting.

The skis are installed on our Champion 7EC, so let’s have some real fun and go make some tracks in the snow!

We will begin be going over some of the differences in skiplane preflight procedures while we discuss skiplane ground handling and how different snow and weather conditions could affect our flight. Then some practice turns as we taxi for takeoff and depart towards one of the local lakes for practice. With some takeoffs and landings under our belt, a landing at a local resort for a coffee and bowl of soup will be in order. After lunch, more fun flying and exploring the Wisconsin countryside prior to returning to home base.


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