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When must a pilot’s logbook contain a Tailwheel Endorsement


Why does a pilot’s logbook need to be endorsed to fly Tailwheel Airplanes

Here is the bottom line. Unless you have pilot-in-command time in a tailwheel airplane prior to April 15, 1991, a Tailwheel Endorsement from an Authorized Instructor is required prior to acting as pilot-in-command of a tailwheel airplane. And this includes every kind of tailwheel airplane even if Experimental, or LSA.

The controlling document for determining the necessity for a tailwheel endorsement is FAR 61.31. In addition to tailwheel requirements, FAR 61.31 addresses the requirements to act as pilot in high altitude or pressurized airplanes.

The specified training is really pretty broad and only specifies that the pilot must be overall proficient in a tailwheel airplane and that flight training must cover at least,  wheel landings, normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings, and go-around procedure. Left Base’s Tailwheel Endorsment Training Syllabus covers much more than the minimum training required by regulation and is designed to be your entry into a lifetime of tailwheel flying.

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