Stall-Spin, and Upset Recovery Courses

Avoid loss of control during stalls, spins and attitude upsets with recovery procedures that will keep you safe in all phases of flight. Choose from our Stall-Spin and Upset Recovery Courses or better yet, do them both and get extra proficient.

Most pilots lack sufficient training in stall awareness and prevention, and many have no actual spin experience. Yet loss of control via inadvertent stall/spin entries is a common cause of aircraft accidents. We’re all for bringing back spin training as part of primary training programs. That probably won’t happen anytime soon, so for now we want to offer pilots a great course package that will allow you to gain experience with spins while learning a few crucial skills when it comes to stall/spin awareness – all while having a lot of fun in an aircraft that’s made for spins!

The same goes for upset recoveries. Upsets are just that – sudden and significant changes in pitch and/or roll attitudes caused by weather or wake turbulence encounters and pilot-induced loss of control. Like spins, there are no requirements for most pilot ratings and certificates to train for in-flight upsets, leaving most without the tools to recover in a real-life occurrence. Yet it doesn’t take long to train for basic upset recovery procedures that will allow you to use the flight controls to safely roll and pitch the aircraft back to straight-and-level flight.

Pilots of all backgrounds will benefit from both courses. They’re designed for every pilot: those flying Light Sport aircraft to corporate jets and everything in between! Start building your confidence with scenario-based reviews of the elements of stalls, spins and upsets. We’ll then fly these scenarios in our Decathlon 8KCAB. You’ll learn firsthand how to stay in control with several varieties of stalls, stall-to-spin scenarios, and full spin-and-recovery procedures.

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