Introduction to Aerobatics

Learn Aerobatic Essentials

Our Super Decathlon 8KCAB airplane was built for having fun with aerobatics!

Learn how to fly basic aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls, and spins. This course is a three-part package designed for pilots who want to experience a whole new way of flying. Enjoy the fun of aerobatics and and enhance your skills without the stress of high G-forces. You’ll start with a refresher on spins from our Stall/Spin and Upset Recovery Course, then move into rolls, loops, and variations on Cuban 8s in a fun and challenging environment. We’ll start with a user-friendly ground review of aerobatic basics – how the airplane flies in all attitudes and what to expect when entering the aerobatic envelope (pitch more than 30 degrees, roll more than 60 degrees). Then we’ll brief on each maneuver so you can fly them with confidence. This program is for pilots who have completed our Stall/Spin & Upset Recovery Course – a prerequisite that allows you to train for aerobatic maneuvers safely with the ability to recover from spins and upsets.

In the next segment of the course, you’ll learn the classic Loop, another basic maneuver that will teach you how to stay coordinated during constantly changing pitch attitudes. Meanwhile, you’ll get accustomed to 2.5-3G maneuvering during practice. Most aerobatic operations build on the Roll and Loop, so now you’re ready to combine them with some really great maneuvers including the Cuban Eight.

Whether you want to enhance your stick-and-rudder skills or transition into aerobatic aircraft, this course will show you how to fly in all corners of the envelope while having loads of fun! Our Decathlon is a great airplane for getting started. It’s easy to fly and is capable of inverted flight and an array of aerobatic figures. To prepare for this course, the International Aerobatic Club provides descriptions of various maneuvers.  Ask your instructor for more recommended study materials for aerobatic flying,