Tailwheel Testimonials

Read some testimonials from recent clients about their experience at Left Base Tailwheel and High Performance Center

Read their testimonials below;

“I just wanted to thank you again for a great time and great instruction; I really enjoyed my time learning with you and hope to do some more in the future.” EG – August 2021

“Felt at home both in the airplane and the classroom. I feel very confident in my abilities. Best of all of you. Roberta – May 2021

“I struggled with other instructors in the past, but Lou made it easy to understand. I finally did it. Thanks.” Audrey – Dec 2019

“Never learned so much in 2 days” Avery P – Sept 2019

“Upset Recovery and Spin Course was like learning to fly all over again. I finally feel like I am in control” Ben S – Aug 2017

“I thought I was going to be a tri-gear pilot for the rest of my life but Lou made it easy to become a real pilot. Thanks. I am on my way to new adventures.” – Erin R – Feb 2016

“December weather cooperated and we finished the tailwheel course in 2 days, even though we had to take a 3 hour lunch for weather to improve. Palmyra WI is wonderful learning airport and Lou proved to be a great instructor.” – Dave P – Dec 2016

“I definitely enjoyed my time working with you and learned a lot of valuable skills that I will frequently utilize.  I am excited to get out and fly my [own] Champ.” – Nick Z – Nov 2016

“Left Base said it would be easy and fun. At least for me, it was hard, but still fun even when it was rough and windy. I think I am starting to know what I am doing.” – Jack B. – September 2015

“The only place I could find to give skiplane lessons. Thanks Lou.” – Ben B. – February 2016

“Super fun.” – G.C.  – May 2016

“Great plane, great instructor, great airport. Nothing else to say.” – Brian T. June 2015

“In addition to getting my taildragger rating, I feel like I left a much better pilot.” – Lisa J. – June 2016

“A wonderful experience. I was expecting hard work, but it was easy and fun to get my tailwheel endoresment.” – Dave K.  – June 2016

“Thanks to Lou at Left Base for a great tailwheel endorsement experience in Palmyra at 88C. Especially liked the deer running on the runway after landing out in the sticks.”- Greg G. –  July 2016

“I just received my Tailwheel endorsement from Lou Radecki (Left Base). Lou is one of the best instructors that I have ever worked with. He is patient, communicates well and above all, incredibly professional. If you are looking to get your Tailwheel endorsement or fix some flying issues, Lou is the guy!” – Ira K. – July 2016

“Hi Lou, I want to thank you for a wonderful and most enjoyable training experience. I know that I will need lots of practice to really hone my skills but I really think the basics are there. My feet will be dancing even when flying a 172.”  Jim – July 2016

“I’m happy to say that I earned my tailwheel endorsement today! Had a fantastic time flying with CFI Lou Radecki. If anyone in the south eastern Wisconsin area is interested in tailwheel training, send him a message. You wont regret it!” – Alex – August 2016