Tailwheel Endorsement

Become a Tailwheel Pilot for $1695

$1695 is all it takes to fulfill the Tailwheel Airplane requirements of FAR 61.31. In just a few hours, you’ll come away not just with a logbook endorsement, but with stick-and-rudder skills that will serve you well in whatever you fly. And while taking our Tailwheel Endorsement Course, you will be logging PIC tailwheel time – all while enjoying the freedom and versatility of piloting one of the most fun-to-fly aircraft around. Upon earning your tailwheel endorsement, you will return to your professional flight crew position, personal or club aircraft with the skill sets and confidence possessed by a special group of pilots.

There are a few strings attached to our offer. You must be a certificated Private, Commercial, Light Sport, Recreational, or Airline Transport Pilot. You’ll need a current medical (or a current BasicMed logbook document, or proof of PIC currency as a Light Sport Pilot), proof of a current Flight Review and recent PIC time in a Single-Engine Land Airplane. Our course package price includes about 3 hours of ground instruction and up to about 5 hours of block time for dual aircraft instruction over 2 short days. More sessions will be scheduled as needed due to weather conditions and other factors.

If, during any point in the course, either you or your instructor believe that you will not successfully complete the training within the allotted time, you may withdraw from the course and be financially liable for only the instruction and aircraft time used. As an alternative, we do offer instruction and dual aircraft time at our current hourly rates. We’ve had great success with everyone who has flown with us, and most pilots who come prepared can easily complete the course in the allotted time. You will too. We want to see everyone be successful and will work with you to achieve your goals. Do you have more questions? Contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.