Learn to Fly SkiPlanes

Learn how to fly Skiplanes at Palmyra Wisconsin for only $495.

A very fun Skiplane Flying Course

Winter flying blues don’t exist at Left Base. A little snow means a lot more fun as we take to the air in our ski-equipped Champion 7EC. We learn to fly skiplanes by actually flying skiplanes. A little theory, but mostly all doing.

Our Skiplane flying course only cost $495.

The 2016-2017 Skiplane instructional season will begin just as soon as southern Wisconsin receives a little snow and colder weather sets in and the snow can stick around.  Looking for very late December or January to begin. Email or Call to schedule.

Our skiplane flying course includes 2-3 hours of flight while experiencing as many different conditions as possible both on and off airport. Our curriculum teaches everything from unique ski plane pre-flight procedures, ground operations, cold-weather operations, operating in challenging snow conditions,  assessing off-airport landing sites and much much more.

And most importantly, we will have fun as you learn in a relaxing, non-stressed atmosphere. Although the Champ’s heater will keep you toasty warm inside, plan on appropriate clothing for pre-flight and excursions away from the plane.

The Left Base Champ is equipped with TrickAir Wheel Penetration Skis. These skis provide the best ratio of ski plane performance and operational flexibility because the tires protrude out the ski bottoms about an inch. This allows us to take off, land, and taxi on paved runways or snow covered surfaces. The best of both worlds!

And, we do Tailwheel Flying all year round. We just have the skis removed and fly on rubber for tailwheel endorsements.

Contact us at any time and we will pencil in some dates.

TrickAir Skis for sale