Super Decathlon 8KCAB

Our Super Decathlon is certified as a fully aerobatic airplane, but is easy to fly.

The American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB is well known for its versatility as a personal aircraft and a trainer for both tailwheel and aerobatic flying. With docile handling characteristics and terrific cockpit visibility, you’ll enjoy flying the Decathlon from day one.

Whether you are visiting Left Base for a Tailwheel Endorsement, Spin and Upset Recovery training, Emergency Maneuvers training, or an introduction to Aerobatics, flying the Decathlon will make you a better pilot in every way.

For our Spin and Upset Recovery and Aerobatics courses, the Super Decathlon will be equipped with emergency parachutes to meet safety and FAA requirements.

Note: Due to seating and weight/balance conditions for the Decathlon as well as the operating limits for each parachute, pilots who enroll for any of our courses must weigh no more than 220 pounds.