About Left Base LLC

Become a Tailwheel Pilot With Left Base

Left Base LLC is dedicated to teaching basic tailwheel techniques the old fashioned, fun way – by looking out the windows and flying by stick and rudder. You’ll get hooked on flying in a whole new way – without complicated panels or mind-numbing autopilots. Our two-day Tailwheel Endorsement Course will make you a more proficient, safer pilot who’s ready to take on new flight adventures. We’ll get you started on your journey with advanced tailwheel courses including stall-spin training and emergency procedures.

Left Base instructors are experienced pilots who not only love to fly taildraggers, we love to teach in them.

Lou Radecki is a lifelong aviator and professional pilot who began flying tailwheel airplanes early in his career. He has flown a wide range of aircraft from Piper J-3 Cubs to Stinsons, Citabrias and Beech 18s. He currently flies corporate jets for a well-known company.

Elaine Kauh is a professional Corporate Pilot and 5-Time Master CFI as well as an aviation author and speaker. She specializes in tailwheel and glass-panel aircraft and has been instructing for more than a decade. As an FAA Safety Team Lead Representative, she works with aviation educators across Wisconsin on flight safety initiatives for pilots of all backgrounds.

Steve Gorski grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where he began flying floatplanes and working towards a career in aviation. A graduate of the University of DuBuque’s prestigious aviation program, Steve now flies for a large airline and enjoys flight instructing in Cubs and Champs from grass strips.